Professional Team

   We have over 350 staff, of which more than 80 are R&D engineers. Over 20 years, we have been focusing on our main business, product research development and technology innovation. We have achieved many fruitful rewards in product design and technology innovation. We have obtained 46 patents, of which 12 are new inventions patents, 11 are the software copyrights, 2 are Shanghai Achievement Transformation Projects, 1 are Shanghai Science and Technology Achievements, 2 are China National Innovation Funds and many more.

  We have the combined professional team and management staff with international background and the local background. The team has over 20 years of project management and product development experience and has completed many mega projects. Our mission is to provide to our global customers’ with high quality product and design and to create more value-added services. We shall continue to forge ahead with innovation and commit ourselves to become the leading brand comapny in the industry.


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